We are often asked what type of survey do I need for the property I want to buy? Below is the answer I always give:

The main difference between a Building Survey and HomeBuyer Survey is that the Building Survey is far more comprehensive, and gives you a much more detailed analysis on the condition of the property.

Although you are free to choose which survey you want here are some guidelines to help you decide which report type would be the most suitable.

A Building Survey is generally more suited for properties with the following characteristics:

Once you’ve decided what type of survey you require you can request an online, no obligation, survey quote before you instruct Villa Surveyors to undertake an inspection of the property you want to buy.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about our surveys please do not hesitate to contact Villa Surveyors on +34 610 418 654 (Spain mobile) or +44 (0)7446 554154 (UK mobile). If you wish to message us please use our Contact Page.