In February, 2020 Stan Dickens of Villa Surveyors flew to the island of Sardinia to undertake two expert witness valuations. These involved a two bedroom apartment and a four bedroom farmhouse with land. The valuations were required for court proceedings in the UK.

Fortunately, although Covid-19 was already present in northern Italy, we were able to book flights, arrange accommodation, inspect the properties, conduct the market research, and get back to Madrid, before lock-down rules were applied. This was fortunate since these types of valuation require significant local research involving around 10 to 12 meetings with local contacts including estate agents, local government officials and valuations experts in the area.

Fortunately, the research went well and we were able to complete and send the final reports soon after getting back to Madrid. We have included some comments from one of the instructing solicitors on the Testimonials page of the Villa Surveyors website. We remain available to undertake residential expert witness valuations on the mainland and islands of Spain, Portugal and Italy. All expert witness valuations are currently subject to the relevant country lock-down restrictions.