The photos in this article show just a few of the snagging items we identified in a house refurbishment project in Tavira, Portugal. Snagging items are most often raised due to poor workmanship. This can include incorrect storage on site of fixtures and fittings such as doors and windows which often results in impact damage and rusting for example.

In the example photos below you can see that the door fittings and surfaces have some surface damage due incorrect storage and generally rough treatment.

Other examples of snagging defects include poor craftsmanship in respect of the paintwork and tiling. We also found that the support to the glass shower screen was unstable. This particular house had many more snagging defects but there is insufficient space to include all of the images in this article. After our third snagging inspection of this particular house there were still a number of outstanding items unattended to and our client, who had flown over from the USA to complete the purchase decided not to go ahead. Who could blame them?