By Stan Dickens, Villa Surveyors

Solar panels in countryside with car and small building in the background.
Solar panel in Spain

At Villa Surveyors we sometimes get asked if the installation of  solar panels in Southern Spain and Portugal is actually worthwhile  for villas, houses or apartments.

Is it worth installing solar panels in Spain and Portugal?

The following are some reasons why we consider it is a wise investment to install solar panels in Spain and Portugal, but particularly in the south:

1. High Solar Potential in Spain and Portugal:

Southern Portugal and Spain rank among the finest areas in  Europe for the production of solar energy due to their geographic  position and climate. Solar panels in these areas will generate more  electricity than in places with less sunlight.

2. Save Money on Bills and Create a Cleaner Environment:

Villa and house owners can replace a sizeable amount of their  electricity consumption with clean and renewable solar energy by installing solar panels on roofs or elsewhere. Apartment owners  may be able to install panels on the communal roof areas of  apartment buildings. Over time, this may result in significant  electricity cost savings.  

Solar panels produce electricity without generating hazardous  pollutants or greenhouse gases. This results in a cleaner environment and a reduction in the rate of climate change.

3. Government incentives and Policies:

Spain and Portugal both offer a range of financial incentives and  support programmes for the installation of solar panels and other  renewable energy sources. Feed-in tariffs, tax credits, grants, and  other financial advantages that increase the appeal of the initial  investment are available in both countries. Energy Independence: 

By producing electricity on-site, owners of solar panels become  less dependent on the grid which can be especially advantageous  in regions with electricity supply issues.

4. Long Term Investment and Affordability:

Solar panels are a long-term investment that can bring energy  savings and other advantages over many years due to their  durability and low costs of upkeep. 

The price of solar panels has been falling steadily, thereby bringing  them into the reach of more and more households.

How to Choose the Right Solar Panels:

The addition of solar panels can raise a home’s value and will  certainly make it more attractive to potential buyers. To establish the ideal system size, budget, and possible energy savings, it is crucial to assess the site and speak with local solar experts prior to installing solar panels.

Keep up to date with Solar Panel Technology

Remember that solar technology is constantly improving. Additionally, you should be aware that local laws, solar policies,  and incentives may differ between countries and regions, so it’s a  good idea to keep up with the most recent advancements in solar  energy in your particular area.

The inspection of solar panels in Spain and Portugal

Finally, please remember that any home inspection service in Spain  or Portugal should include comments on the presence of solar  panels and other renewable energy sources. However, home  inspectors are not experts in such systems and if you want full  reassurance you should inform your inspector who may be able to  advise you about reliable experts in the area.