By Stan Dickens, Villa Surveyors

Spanish Passport and identity document.

The Golden Visa for Spain can only be issued to a non-EU national.

It guarantees residency in Spain for the holder and his or her immediate family. It also provides access to the Schengen Zone. Some additional benefits include access to Spain’s public health services and schools.

To qualify for the Spanish golden visa program it is necessary to make a significant investment in the Spanish economy.


No Criminal Record: this applies to the applicant and all those named in the application.

Health Insurance: proof of health insurance in Spain must be provided.

Sufficient Income: show proof of sufficient income to support yourself and your family in Spain.

Make a substantial investment through one of the following:

  • Purchase a property in Spain for more than €500,000
  • €1,000,000 deposited in a Spanish bank or purchase of shares in a Spanish company
  • €2,000,000 or more invested in Spanish Government Bonds
  • Invest in an accredited General Interest Business project which creates jobs, has a socio-economic benefit in the area where it is made, or make a relevant contribution to scientific or technological innovation.

The Application Process

You will need to complete the application forms for yourself as well as for all family members included in the application. Proof of the family relationship is required. You don’t need to be in Spain to make the application and you are permitted to employ a solicitor, accountant or other professional to do this for you. Once approved, you will need to come to Spain to pick up your residence permit. 

Residency and Citenzenship

The first visa is valid for only one year, and you must obtain the residence permit during this time. When the residence permit is issued it will be for a two year duration and replaces the one year visa. As long as the initial investment is still in place, you can renew your two year residence permit indefinitely, without any stay requirements.

If you wish to actually live in Spain, you can apply for permanent residence after five years as long as you have lived in Spain at least six months out of every year. You must be able to demonstrate this.

Citizenship can be applied for after 10 years, provided you are able to demonstrate you have lived in Spain six months out of each year for 10 years.

We Can Help You:

How can Villa Surveyors help? If you are opting to obtain a Spanish golden visa via the property purchase route, Villa Surveyors can help. Our services extend from the survey and valuation of property to property finding for retained clients. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be pleased to inform you further about how we can help you in the acquisition of a Spanish home.